Medical Mission


Medical professionals from across the United States, Canada, Mexico, and England have united for mission trips of healing and hope.

In October of 2015 a team of health care professionals will volunteer their time and medical skills to offer free medical and surgical care to the people of Tanzania, East Africa.


The medical team has grown to represent a seasoned team of international medical volunteers.

All volunteer members are personally responsible for their expenses for the trip.

Members of the medical teams are credentialed and have provided modern treatment to thousands of needy children and adults at home and on missions for many years.

Each volunteer is responsible to work as a team, in gathering all the equipment, machines, supplies, and medications necessary to make their mission a success.


Dr. Deborah Turner, who resides in Des Moines, Iowa, was the team organizer for our March 2015 Medical Mission.

The Organizers facilitate the collection of all materials, equipment, and supplies, which will be required for its mission.

The task of organizing the travel, accommodations, food and water, coupled with the medical necessities is a monumental task. The Organizer’s years of experience has created the knowledge of the “how” and the “what” that is required for a successful mission.

When the Team has traveled 12,000 miles from their home to a remote location in Tanzania everything needed to provide medical, surgical and dental care must be readily available.


Through the generous donation of individuals and organizations substantial portions of the required equipment, supplies, and medications needed for a mission are donated.

Grundy Center Hospital – Grundy Center IA

Heart to Heart – Overland Park, KS

Dr.Paul and Marianne Milloy

Mike and Sharon Manion

Gary and Sharon Kramer

Dr.Perry and Karen Engstrom

Chuck Przymus

St. Joseph’s Medical Center





Brainerd Medical Center – Brainerd, MN

Mora Hospital – Mora, MN

Ken Panger Family Foundation

John and Janell Westphal

Keith and Deb Schiltz/Northwest Iowa Power Coop


Outreach Africa and its Tanzanian affiliate, Outreach International Tanzania (OIT), are proud to be partners in this mission of healing and hope. The medications, equipment, and supplies are staged for shipment at the Outreach warehouse in Des Moines, Iowa. Outreach will load a 40’ ocean container with these materials, which will be shipped to Tanzania. This container will transport all of the supplies required for the mission.

OIT was organized in 2010 and provides in-country administration and implementation of the Outreach programs. OIT VP of Operations is Dr. Mike Kitwaka.

OIT will arrange Government documentation, customs clearance, and transport of the contents of the ocean container from the port of entry to Singida Town.

Dr  Kitwaka resides in Tanzania and provides the critical links required for the success of every Outreach Medical Mission.


The Regional Medical Officer and Doctor in Charge of the Government Hospital located in Singida Town, in cooperation with Dr Turner and Dr Kitwaka will provide the logistical support, facility planning and in-country organization for the mission.

A small “Outreach Team” may use the Porta-Doc and be accompanied into remote villages to run “bush” clinics.

The team plans to gift equipment and supplies to the Singida Regional Hospital or the Singida Referral Hospital at the close of the mission.


In April 2004 a small team of 24 volunteers traveled to Iambi Hospital in Nkungi Tanzania. Doctor Dennis Lofstrom and his wife Paula conceived the original medical mission trip to Iambi Hospital. The 2004 mission was the team’s first work in Tanzania. This mission was an outstanding success. The warmth and gratitude expressed and shown by the people touched the very heart and soul of those who volunteered.

21 of the original 24 volunteers returned in 2006! By 2010 the team grew in numbers to make it possible to conduct two consecutive weeks of service with different members of 50 each week. This allowed for many more major surgeries to be preformed.

Two medical trips are planned each year.


If you wish to make a contribution to the Medical Mission please contact us or use the DONATE button at the top of the page and add “Medical Mission” in the Purpose field.


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