Macaroni & Cheese

Mac_CheeseOutreach, Inc. has formulated a delicious and nutritious meal consisting of an All-American favorite, macaroni and cheese.  This patent pending meal is an accepted and well-liked dish that is highly requested by local food banks, pantries, churches, and other food relief facilities.

Food banks have experienced a dramatic increase in food needs for children, seniors, and families right here at home over the past two years.  We worked with our Packaging Associates and Iowa State University Food Science and Human Nutrition Department to formulate this new patent pending Outreach Kids Care meal.  The meals are nutritionally balanced to meet recommended dietary guidelines and taste great!  You can now answer the question, “What are you doing for the food insecure in the United States?”  You can help bring relief to hungry families in your own community for a mere $.25 cents a meal.

To learn more about how you can help, please call 641-486-2550 or email us at

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