How To Have An Event

eldora_eventCongratulations!  You’ve decided to host an Outreach Inc. food packaging event and partner with us to help feed the food insecure throughout the world.  Past event hosts speak in glowing terms of their experience and how they watched the pieces come together and the hard work pay off in ways they never anticipated.


10 Easy Steps to Hosting a Packaging Event

You are considering hosting a packaging event; here are ten easy steps to follow:

  1. Watch our video, Why Outreach. This will tell you how a rural Iowa couple, Floyd Hammer and Kathy Hamilton, started an amazing organization that has fed millions of people.
  2. Download our brochure
  3. Contact our office for more information! We will help you step by step
  4. Get a team of people together to discuss these items:
    1. How large of an event do you wish to have?
    2. Who do you want to participate in your packaging event?
    3. How many volunteers do you think you’ll have?
    4. Where will you have your packaging event?
    5. What date is best for your event?
  5. Download our manuals:
    1. How to Have a Meal Packaging Event manual
    2. Fundraising Manual
  6. Determine if you want to package meals for domestic or international hunger.
    1. Domestic Meals – Developed by Iowa State University’s Food Science department to provide meals that are nutritious and taste good.  When you are done packaging, you will give the meals to a food relief facility of your choice.
      1.  *Mac & Cheese
      2. *Rice and Beans                 (*patents pending)
    2. International Meal – you can ship them to your partners or missions you support, or we can send them to our partners.
      1. Rice & Soy Casserole
  7. Set a goal for the number of meals! We have an easy to use formula!
    1. 1 volunteer can package up to 160 meals in an hour
    2. 12 volunteers are stationed at each packing line (a line is two tables end to end)
    3. 1 packing line can package 1,500 to 2,000 meals in an hour
  8. 75051 Outreach Event PosterTime to start marketing!
    1. Call Outreach to set a date for your packaging event
    2. Create a list of people to send information
    3. Customize our press release template for your event
    4. Create a Text-to-Give Campaign thru Outreach (we will help you- it’s easy!)
    5. Get your own QR code thru Outreach for text-to-give
    6. Request an Official Outreach Facebook event from the Outreach office
    7. Create Twitter handle and #hashtag
    8. Print flyers to place in your community (download our template here)
  9. Have the event!
  10. Share the story on our website and our Facebook page!



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