Dear Ministry Friend,

Outreach will send your ministry these beautiful baskets to be used in your mission ministry. Outreach will ship baskets, prepaid, to your location. We ask you to introduce the Outreach program to your ministry members. We ask that you set up a display table on two consecutive Sundays to display the baskets. The baskets are marked with a suggested minimum contribution amount. Contributions are used to purchase additional baskets and provide funds for current Outreach programs.

There are important instructions regarding VOLUNTEERS, MONEY & BOX RETURN. God bless you for extending your missions outreach through offering baskets from Tanzania to your associates or congregation. The purchases of these crafts as gifts will bring relief to little children and those in need by providing:

Education of men, women and children in the Singida Region.

Provision of jobs for unemployed women as they make crafts and are thereby enabled to care for their children & parents.

Again, thank you for your gracious participation! May you enjoy both the ministry of serving and the gift.

Floyd V Hammer



  1. All crafts on display include a suggested contribution amount. Just lay them out on a table and be available as people come by. (One 8-foot table is sufficient, two tables are ideal). If you need additional baskets, please call to inquire about a supplemental box. Call toll free: 1-800-513-0935!
  2. Inventory, accounting procedures and charitable contribution acknowledgement are handles by Outreach, Inc., as well as cost of shipping.
  3. In repacking, please place any remaining baskets in one of the original shipping containers. Please notify Federal Express as instructed on the enclosed Federal Express info pack.
  4. Should you want additional baskets please call us at toll free 1-800-513-0935

Thank you again for partnering with us in this missions outreach!


The monies you collect are to be sent to Outreach. Please make prior arrangements with your treasurer (or person responsible for returning the proceeds), so that they may be sent promptly after the mission Sundays. Please do not wait for checks still due to come in, but mail what you have and send the rest later. Due to prior delays we have experienced, we ask that you do not allow circumstances to delay sending the proceeds. Do NOT put money or checks in the basket return carton!

Outreach, Inc.
301 Center St.
PO Box 361
Union, Iowa USA 50258

Checks can be made payable to “Outreach, Inc.”

We accept Visa, MasterCard & Discover. If you would like to use a credit card, please put the card number and the expiration date on the forms provided.


  1. The FedEx return label is in the info pack white envelope. Please call FedEx at 888-777-6040 and give your address and business hours. FedEx will come the next day to pick up the box.
  2. Please put the name of the church or organization, address, city and state on the return label so we credit the box as having been returned from you.
  3. Please keep the receipt from FedEx for use in tracking the box if necessary.

FedEx will pick up your box and return it to Outreach, Inc. when you call!


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