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Ebola Food Relief for Liberia

Outreach, Inc. leads the relief effort as the first of 700,000 meals to Liberia for Ebola Patients is shipped from Des Moines. Responding to the Ebola crisis and the request of The Ministry of Health of the Republic of Liberia, Outreach, Inc., began the shipment of the first 300,000 meals to the Republic of Liberia […]

Southern Legislative Conference 2014

Southern Legislative Conference/Mark Norris Campaign Against Hunger

Since 2011, each year members of the Southern Legislative Conference and local communities package Outreach, Inc., meals for the hungry.  This initiative was started Tennessee Senate Majority Leader Mark Norris, and chair of the Southern Legislative Conference (SLC) of The Council of State Governments at the time. The SLC has spearheaded a food-packaging event at […]

Des Moines Rotary Packaging Event

Des Moines Area Rotary Clubs Team Up With Outreach to Package Meals for the Hungry!

For the first time in the 103-year-old history of the Rotary Club of Des Moines, eight area Rotary Clubs gathered to package 72,576 Outreach *Mac & Cheese Meals that were delivered to food banks and pantries in Central Iowa. Rotary Club of Des Moines President for 2013-14, Dick Reasons, said, “It’s really a great day! […]

Opportunity to Fight Hunger in Iowa

Outreach is looking for 9 individuals to make Iowa the 1st Hunger Free State! Do you have a passion to feed the hungry, help an international nonprofit start the Hunger Free Iowa Initiative, and develop your professional skills and contacts? Then join the award-winning Outreach, Inc., and accomplish your objectives to grow yourself and make […]

Outreach Meals Being Distributed In the Philippines!

In the frigid cold week of Christmas, Outreach sent nearly 1.5 million meals to the Philippines. In an amazingly short amount of time considering how difficult it is to get aid through a shipping port in disaster stricken areas, just a little over six weeks after the food was sent from Des Moines, Iowa, it […]

How You Can Help Your Food Bank Feed the Hungry in Your Community

Food banks, pantries, and community food-aid programs around the U.S. are under increasing strain.  Food banks are expecting to have an even higher percent of communities rely on food aid, and need your help.  You can help your local food bank by hosting an Outreach Meal Packaging Event and package either of our delicious domestic […]

How We Can Help You Fight Domestic Hunger

At our packaging events, people would say, “It’s really great we’re packaging meals for starving people around the world, but what are we doing to help feed the hungry in our own country?” Because of the need, we created two domestic meals that are very popular in food banks, Backpack Programs, Meals on Wheels, and […]

10 Easy Steps to Hosting a Packaging Event

Congratulations!  You’ve decided to host an Outreach Inc. food packaging event and partner with us to help feed the food insecure throughout the world.  Past event hosts speak in glowing terms of their experience and how they watched the pieces come together and the hard work pay off in ways they never anticipated.   10 Easy […]