Who We Are

Outreach is a non-profit corporation located in Union, Iowa, USA. Outreach has Federal Tax Exemption Certification 501 (c) (3).

Outreach was created in 2004 when the founders, Floyd Hammer and Kathy Hamilton, returned from a trip to Tanzania on a construction mission.  During that journey, they experienced the death of many children from starvation and hunger-related diseases.  Floyd and Kathy knew they had to help in any way possible so truckloads of maize were purchased.  Knowing that just “giving support” to someone doesn’t solve the long term problem, but has the opposite effect by creating dependency.  Floyd and Kathy bartered their maize for some of the most beautiful hand-woven baskets made by skilled crafts people living in the area.  At the end of three months, they had bartered for over 12,000 baskets and Outreach, Inc. was formed.

Since those early beginnings, Outreach has purchased over 65,000 baskets in the area. The combined investment by the families creating the baskets and donor contributions have allowed Outreach to focus on developing services in the area of water, food, medicine, and education. We recognize that educating a child or a village is impossible while the lack of water, food, and medical services exist.


President – Floyd Hammer
Secretary Treasurer – Kathy Hamilton
VP of Operations – Matt Hamilton
VP of Private and Public Partnerships – Rick McNary


Outreach, Inc.
Floyd Hammer
Kathy Hamilton
David Ferran
Paul Dewey
Max Holmes
Renato Romano
Dr. Deborah Turner


Outreach International Tanzania (NGO)

Dr. Michael Kitwaka, Board Chairman


Gunda Technical School

A. Mbiggi, Chairman
C. Makala, Secretary
Rev. Z. Gunda
S. Kitwaka
G. Jumbe
R. Msukuma
M. Ghandai
I. Kitojo
R. Ibara
O. Nkurlu

Directors serve on a volunteer basis without compensation.



Office Manager – Polly Hupfeld
Warehouse Manager – Shawnna Etchieson
IT TechnicianIsaac Good

We employ Office and Warehouse Staff as required.

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