The mission of Outreach is to provide safe water, food, medical care and education to children and those in need at home and abroad.


Outreach is an intermediary organization between the people of Singida Region of Tanzania, East Africa, and concerned Americans. Outreach is a non-profit corporation created to provide assistance to children and those in need,  in the areas of safe water, food, medical care and education.  Contributions generated from Outreach activities are used to continue supporting the key Outreach projects, and to create additional entrepreneurial opportunities.


There are over 900 women in the Singida Region who have received Micro finance loans to start their own businesses. Many of the women produce baskets. There is a limited local market for the women’s production. Outreach provides the funds by which baskets are purchased directly from the women of the Singida Region for cash at fair market prices. Outreach utilizes the services of Outreach International Tanzania. The goal is to give opportunity to develop existing cottage industry and not to give handouts.

Outreach International Tanzania is a non-profit Tanzania Corporation (NGO). Outreach International Tanzania is a local enterprise which buys baskets directly from the women of the region. Outreach International Tanzania is responsible for the purchase, consolidation, packaging, government documentation, and shipment of the baskets to America.

Outreach provides a selection of beautiful baskets on consignment to various organizations. The baskets are shipped, prepaid, to the organization or church via prepaid Federal Express on consignment.

Outreach accepts contributions for its mission and provides a gift of baskets to its contributors. Contributions are tax-deductible to the extent allowed by law, and are acknowledged by Outreach. Contributions received in excess of the basket acquisition and distribution costs are used to continue supporting the mission of Outreach.

Outreach recognizes that the people of the Singida Region want to build a future of self-reliance. These are a proud people. They want to learn, earn, and provide a better life for their families. We believe this is one way to assist in helping them help themselves build that future.

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