About Us

Outreach is a non-profit corporation located in Union, Iowa, USA. Outreach has Federal Tax Exemption Certification 501 (c) (3).

Outreach was created in 2004 when the founders, Floyd Hammer and Kathy Hamilton, returned from a trip to Tanzania on a construction mission. During that trip they experienced the death of many children from hunger and related diseases. They also found skilled crafts people living in the area. Purchasing truckloads of maize, they began bartering maize for baskets. At the end of three months they had over 12,000 baskets. This was the beginning of Outreach.

Since those early beginnings, Outreach has purchased over 48,000 baskets in the area. The combined investment by the families creating the baskets and donor contributions have allowed Outreach to focus on developing services in the area of water, food, medicine, and education. We recognize that educating a child or a village is impossible while the lack of water, food, and medical services exist.

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